Church youth cleaning up

On any given weekend, a group of young people, many clad in yellow T-shirts, can be found removing debris from beaches, around homes and roadsides and carrying out food drives. 

These are young members of the Church of God Chapel, Frank Sound. 

Recently, the group spent up to two days collecting rubbish and cutting overgrown shrubs from the yards of elderly persons in the community. 

In North Side, the group recently also assisted with cleaning the beaches.  

“As hard as the job was, the group showed stamina until the job was completed,” said church pastor Ellen Peguero. “It shows our youths love their country and communities and have a desire to see it beautiful in every way.”  

She added, “It is said that today’s youths are only concerned about themselves, what they eat and wear and friends they hang with; but this is not the case with most youths, some of them really do make a difference in their communities.”  

According to Pastor Peguero, the young people are also involved in the church’s food pantry drive, which assist families across Grand Cayman and is operated by the ladies of the Frank Sound Church. 

On scheduled Saturdays, the group can be seen outside Foster’s Food Fair Supermarket, asking for donations of toiletries, canned food and money to give to the less fortunate. 

“Seeing the young people working so assiduously, not for their own gain but for other people, their country and for God, we are encouraged because it shows that there is hope for the next generation,” said Pastor Peguero. But she cautioned, “We must invest time and money in them, so that they can continue to be the beacon of hope, and make the changes in our society that are well needed.”  


Young members of the Church of God Chapel tackle a Bodden Town yard.