Three injured in BT smash, one critical

Updated Sunday noon: Royal Cayman Islands Police provided more details of how Saturday morning’s major accident in Bodden Town occurred.

According to police, a Honda
Stream motor car travelling on Shamrock Road toward George Town collided with a Honda Accord going in the opposite direction. The Honda Stream was driven by a 30-year-old male who was accompanied by a 37-year-old female passenger. The Honda Accord was driven by a 25-year-old female. 

Police said the
driver of the Honda Stream apparently swerved into the path of the
Honda Accord causing both vehicles to collide, leaving extensive damages to the front ends of both vehicles. 

The driver of the Honda Stream
motor car was ejected onto the road about thirty yards from
his vehicle.  The feet
of the female passenger of the Honda Stream were trapped and had to
be freed by ambulance and fire department personnel.   

driver of the Honda Accord suffered minor scratches to her arms and legs. She
was transported to the George Town Hospital by ambulance, treated and

driver of the Honda Stream suffered head injuries and his female
passenger suffered internal injuries.  Both were
transported to the George Town Hospital. 

The male driver of the Honda Stream
remains in critical condition at the George Town Hospital.  His female
passenger underwent surgery and she remains in the George Town Hospital in
stable condition. 

Initial story: Three people were injured, one critically, in an early morning car crash on Shamrock Road.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said two vehicles were involved in the smash, which occurred just before 2 a.m. Saturday.

According to witnesses, one man was ejected from a vehicle. He was hospitalized in critical condition early Saturday.

A female was also sent to hospital with serious abdominal injuries. A third person received relatively minor hurts.

RCIPS officers did not immediately identify a cause for the crash or indicate whether anyone had been arrested in connection with it.

Accident reconstruction experts responded to the scene overnight and police had the road closed in both directions near Rankin’s Jerk Centre to allow the investigation to proceed.

The road was reopened Saturday morning.