Eleven years for WestStar robbers

Update, 4.50 p.m., Tuesday: Justice Alexander Henderson passed sentence on Tuesday
afternoon on five men convicted in connection with the robbery of the West
Bay Road branch of Cayman National Bank in June 2012.

Three of the men earlier in the day had received sentences in relation with a robbery at the WestStar Television Centre, committed in May 2012.

David Tamasa, found to be the planner and provider of guns
for the CNB robbery, received 14 years, to be served concurrently with the 11
years imposed for the WestStar Television Centre robbery.

Andre Burton, the getaway driver, also received 14 years

Ryan Edwards, who carried a weapon into the bank,  was
sentenced to 13 years concurrent.

George Mignott, found not guilty of the WestStar robbery,
was sentenced to 12 years as one of the robbers carrying a weapon into the

Rennie Cole, not involved in the WestStar robbery, was found
to be part of the CNB robbery as a purported customer who distracted the bank
guard when the incident began. He received nine years.

Before sentences were passed, Justice Henderson was
addressed on the principle of totality – the effect of separate sentences for
separate offenses. He indicated a preference for concurrent sentences in the
event one or the other conviction might be overturned in the Court of Appeal.


Original story: Two men were jailed for 11 years Tuesday for robbing the WestStar Television Centre in May 2012.

They will soon find out what their sentences will be for robbing Cayman National Bank a month after the WestStar robbery.

Justice Alastair Malcolm found David Tamasa and Andre Burton guilty last week of robbing the television company in a judge-alone trial.

He concluded that they were two of the three people who entered the business premises and stole $8,269.35, carrying imitation firearms at the time and using force or fear of force against customers and staff.

Tamasa and Burton, along with Ryan Edwards, who was sentenced to five years for aiding and abetting the robbery by providing the getaway vehicle, are scheduled to return to court later today to be sentenced in connection with the robbery at Cayman National Bank in June 2012. A 12-person jury found them guilty after trial in May.

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