Third credit card case goes to court

All defendants in custody, set for mention on Nov. 1

Tan Teck Kuan, 37, appeared in Summary Court last Thursday charged with obtaining money transfers by deception and attempting to do so on another occasion. 

He is the third person to be brought to court this month for such charges. 

Kuan, a Malaysian national, did not have legal representation. 

Because obtaining a money transfer by deception is a charge that can be dealt with only in the Grand Court, Magistrate Grace Donalds transmitted the matter immediately. Kuan was remanded in custody until Friday, Nov. 1. 

He is accused of obtaining money transfers totaling US$4,944 between Oct. 16-19 by falsely representing that credit cards used were valid and authorized for payment. He is further accused of attempting to obtain money transfers totalling US$70,775 by the same means. 

Two other Malaysian nationals are also scheduled for Grand Court on Friday for offenses of a similar nature. 

Thanabalan Manogar, 30, and Hew Senn Wann, 49, appeared in court previously on Oct. 11.