Premier: Government plans to go ahead with cruise dock

Premier McLaughlin

Premier Alden McLaughlin indicated this afternoon that
government intends to proceed with plans to build cruise berthing facilities in
George Town harbor.

Speaking to business leaders at the Chamber of Commerce’s
legislative luncheon, the premier said the piers were needed if Cayman wanted
to stay in the cruise business in a meaningful way.

He said the project would protect jobs and create new
employment opportunities during the construction phase.

“While Cabinet is still to make a formal decision which is expected over the next few weeks. I can say today that government has considered the matter carefully and has agreed on the merits of building a cruise port and enhanced cargo port and to allow the project to proceed to the next stage,” Premier McLaughlin said. “The next stage involves discussions with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Government and cruise companies which are needed regarding the design of the piers and the structure of the project’s financing.

“The cruise companies must have skin in the game as they are needed to guarantee the necessary volume of cruise passengers over the financing period.

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“There will not be dredges in George Town harbor tomorrow or next week or next month – we will proceed carefully and seek to do whatever it takes to ensure minimum environmental impact.”

The premier told the gathering at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hotel that
the environmental impact assessment had indicated that the project would not
harm Seven Mile Beach, which was the government’s primary concern.

Mr. McLaughlin added that the next step would involve
discussions with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the cruise lines on
the design and funding model for the project.

See Thursday’s Cayman Compass for the full story.  


Premier Alden McLaughlin

Premier McLaughlin
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  1. Please Premier McLaughlin, if you are determined to have a cruise ship pier, look hard and long at the Whittaker proposal, meet with their engineers. Consider other ideas that may come late to the table if they reduce the impact on the environment regarding both construction and ongoing use. This will go down in history as an enormous decision – whether it is a good one or pure folly is not yet determined. That being said, I am so disappointed that the priority for Government spending was not placed first on the dump. In my opinion a plasma gasification plant located onsite, glass and metal scrapping, and landfill mining should have been implemented by now! Mind you if there is some sort of pier or cable car construction, the ability to sell our cruise ship garbage collection services should be considered in the mix. A Plasma Gasification plant could well use feed stock provided by cruise ships. WE could collect their garbage for a fee, break out metal and glass scraps and produce clean syngas for electricity generation …..please tell me you are at least thinking about doing that Mr. Premier.

  2. Unfortunate, disappointing but not unexpected. How they proceed from here will be interesting; if it’s to move forward with the current BAIRD proposal with no changes it will almost certainly risk being an economic, environmental and social disaster for the Cayman Islands in the long term. The $100 million dollar schools fiasco will pale in comparison. We shall see.

    Note: This is not James Whittaker, author of the Cayman Compass article.

  3. Why one have to beg the Premier? Please. please…
    He is an elected official in a country ruled by a democracy. He is not an emperor or a king.
    But is the Cayman Islands a democratic country in fact, not just in appearance?

  4. Shameful is all I can say. The very thing thing that attracted me and so many others to Grand Cayman is being destroyed by short sighted people whose only motive is money. Sad day for this great Island. When you let the cruise lines dictate to you, you have lost!

  5. Happy to hear that the Cayman Islands Government has decided to make a decision for our people and the future economic development of our islands.

    Not only will this help to make sure that George Town has a future but that the main supply into our island will be secured for the foreseeable future.

    The pressure from external sources can be hard at times, but any Caymanian that I speak to is either in support of the port or is not against it by any means. Anyone that I have heard with the slightest opinion against it is only that way due to lack of factual information about the project.

    Sir, you have saved our country from sure economic disaster, increased unemployment and rise in crime.

    One day your statue will be in hero square. The Great Jim Bodden was opposed when building the airport and now we are having to expand it tremendously. Your hard work and determination will be seen, some are just to blind or selfish in the current time.