Retrial set for police officer

Jury discharged; no fault assigned

A retrial has been ordered for police officer Elvis Kelsey Ebanks, who is alleged to have received money in exchange for not arresting a foreign national. Ebanks, who was suspended from duty, has pleaded not guilty to the charges brought under the Anti-Corruption Law in relation to an incident that was said to have occurred in November 2012.

Justice Charles Quin discontinued the trial Thursday.

Crown Counsel Laura Manson opened the case to the jury Tuesday, and the first witness began giving evidence. There was no Grand Court on Wednesday because all judges were attending a conference. On Thursday, in the absence of the jury, defense attorney Michael Wingrave made legal submissions that the judge acceded to.

Justice Quin then advised the jurors that he was discharging them. He emphasized that neither the complainant nor the defendant had done anything wrong and, for the avoidance of doubt, neither had any of the jury. He did not elaborate.

The judge said that, to be fair to the defendant and the complainant, a retrial would be ordered at the earliest possible date. A new trial date was set for Feb. 20, 2014.

The defendant’s bail was continued accordingly.