Titans liven up late

The five-a-side football league at King’s Sports Centre trimmed down during Pirates Week with only two matches.

It was Week 5 and in the first game KPMG Titans beat PWC 4-2.

PWC started strongly in the first half. But when late comers Ricoh Brown and Ricky Parsons arrived for KPMG it changed the pace in their favor. With their arrival KPMG got their swing and had PWC on the defensive.

Brown scored twice with Neil Coley and Luca Polloni getting the others for KPMG. Ben Hooper and Fabio Smith scored for PWC.

The Dominion Devils were just too good for No XQ’s, winning comfortably 4-0 thanks to goals by Glen Challette, Leigh Hipkins and a brace from Rob Patraulea.

Dominion Devils had a great game, capturing their first win of the season. No XQ’s could not get a good enough attack together to trouble the Dominion defense.

This lead to their fifth loss of the season, even though defensively No XQ’s were able to hold them off for a while.