WestStar to show live matches

Fans of local football will soon get a chance to see their favorite teams in action on Cayman 27 thanks to a new deal recently signed by WestStar and the Cayman Islands Football Association.

The deal makes WestStar the association’s official broadcast partner. The goal is to create a model for television broadcasting partnerships in the region.

The relationship has been a long time in the making as Cayman 27 has broadcast local football games for many years with limited resources.

The partnership is also the result of a new marketing campaign started by CIFA and its member clubs to maximize the community engagement in Cayman Islands.

WestStar is now committing the resources for a CIFA Game of the Week and various other programs, to promote the world’s most popular sport, in the Cayman Islands.

In August CITN Productions worked with CONCACAF to broadcast matches from the boys Under-15 Championship which included a successful live stream that gave people around the world the chance to view the matches in real time.

WestStar and sister company CITN Productions will provide production support for local and international events such as the CONCACAF Under-20 Women’s Championship in January 2014.

“We’ve seen successes throughout the Caribbean in individual territories but we’ve never been able to create a platform across the region,” said CIFA and CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “We’re hoping that this model between WestStar and CIFA can be replicated throughout the region.”

WestStar chief executive officer Bob Taylor explained the agreement includes broadcasting one game every week and will continue to develop from there. “New opportunities for employment, education and tourism are at the heart of this agreement,” he said.

The broadcast exposure helps raise the profile of the sport, its programmes and players, building on fan interaction.

Webb said: “Television has changed the landscape of sports worldwide and we believe that this new partnership with WestStar will have a huge impact for Cayman football.

“We also hope this will bring new economical partners for the game that will take it to new heights, because, for us it’s about developing the game, building fan awareness and exposing the great football we have in the Cayman Islands.”

WestStar will also be working with CONCACAF to build state-of-the-art infrastructure at a selected Grand Cayman facility for broadcasting.

“With the growth of sports tourism in Cayman, it is a valuable asset to have an entity such as WestStar investing in the country’s infrastructure,” added Webb.

Taylor is enthusiastic about how the relationship can create opportunities for local football and the Islands.

“This is a great day for the Cayman Islands, for football and for television. The partnership will not only change how we see sport in Cayman, but it will also change how the world sees Cayman.”

The relationship has been a long time in the making as Cayman 27 has broadcast local football games for many years with limited resources.