DMS make MOvember happy

The final round of the Security Centre Squash League got underway at South Sound Squash Club with KPMG 2 chasing DMS to snatch the title from them.  

DMS came into the final round with a four point margin on KPMG 2 with a possible 13 points available from their respective clashes on the night. 

KPMG 2 were up against Digicel Diehards who have the young but formidable No. 1 Julian Jervis. This proved a tough ask for KPMG’s Erik Fell, who faltered at the start of the match, losing the first game, but managed to regain his composure in the second and third games closing the gap, but not enough to win one.  

KPMG 2s second string, Samantha Hennings played outstandingly to defeat Chris Hayman of Digicel 3-0. Unfortunately, there was an injury to Digicel’s 3, so KPMG gain that win.  

At 4, Derek Tyler showed Gautam of KPMG who’s the boss handing him a 3-0 defeat. The doubles proved to be the deciding match for the tie and it was Digicel who came through with the win with Chris Hayman relying heavily on his partner Julian Jervis to cover most of the court and secure the 3-2 victory. KPMG 2 came away with six points to add to their score, leaving DMS only needing three points from their match to claim overall victory.  

Fortune favored DMS as they were up against NCB Group who, on paper, were the bottom of the table. This should have been a stroll for DMS, but the first match on was the No. 2 position between Jorge Vera of DMS and NCB Group’s quality stand-in Warren Urquhart, who’s normally seen on the tennis court. 

This match was a tense affair with Urquhart taking the first game 11/9 and subsequently losing the second 5/11. This seemed to motivate Urquhart and he came out strongly in the third and fourth games claiming them both 11/6.  

So DMS had some work still to do, the No. 4 Claire Smith managed to take out NCB’s John Van Rsywyk 3-0 to secure the overall victory and take some pressure off the fellow DMS players. DMS No. 3 Joe Rossi was swift with his 3-0 victory over Michelle Wight.  

Last on court were the No. 1 players Neil Stone-Wigg (DMS) against Cory Scruggs. They battled hard with Stone-Wigg narrowly claiming the first two games in tie breaks, before Scruggs took full advantage in the third game, winning it 11/8.  

The fourth was point for point right up to 9-9, when Stone-Wigg managed to pull off an outrageous fake and send Scruggs the wrong way, handing him match ball. Stone-Wigg closed out the match with an irretrievable dying length into the rear corner.  

Coach and organizer Mark Chaloner said, “During the Security Centre Squash League, we held a number of raffles to raise money for the charity of choice of the winning team. With DMS claiming victory, their charity of choice was MOvember and we were able to give a check for $655 to that very worthy cause. 

“This has been a very successful league and we will be running the next one in February 2014.” 


DMS champs, Joe Rossi, Neil Stone-Wigg, Jorge Vera, and Jeff Jones.