Purple Dragon grading conducted

Purple Dragon martial arts school pupils were recently put through their paces and then honored with their new grades by Professor Don Jacob, founder of the Purple Dragon martial arts program, who visited Cayman last month especially for the examinations. 

The grading process took place over two days at the Purple Dragon dojo at the Mirco Centre and students from both that location and the program’s Crewe Road studio showcased their karate skills in front of Professor Jacob.  

As well as developing his world-renowned Don Jitsu Ryu martial arts, Professor Jacob is also a Martial Arts Hall of Famer and martial arts world champion. He visited Cayman in November as part of his worldwide grading tour.  

Grading is an important part of a karate student’s development program as the process allows them to progress to the next level of their training, indicated by an exchange in their belt color.  

In total, 92 students were graded during the tour, with youngsters aged 11 years and under making up the majority – 71 – of those graded, the remainder were pre-teens, teens and adults.  

New belts achieved were; yellow 22, orange 16, green 19, blue 6, purple 5, red 3 and brown 21. 

Cayman Islands Purple Dragon instructor Sensei Floyd Baptiste said he was impressed by the high levels achieved. 

“All students are to be commended for their hard work and perseverance during the grading process,” Baptiste said. “In particular, we were really pleased to note that three students actually achieved a ranking higher than the recommended level. Denise Corin, Francine Bryce, Elena Garcia-McLean all moved from white to green belt, which is a huge achievement.” 

In addition, three students achieved the hard-fought elite warrior title. Cherie Branch was graded a brown belt elite, Francine Bryce a green belt elite and Tahiti Seymour a yellow belt elite, another impressive achievement for the group. 

Purple Dragon is the longest running martial arts school in the Caribbean, with 45 schools in 11 countries and thousands of students worldwide. 

For more information on Purple Dragon visit www.facebook.com/purpledragoncayman or www.purple-dragon.com.  


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