Police arrest 20 in road safety campaign

During the first 10 days of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Christmas road safety campaign, police have arrested 20 people, including 15 for driving under the influence.

The other five arrests in the Stay Alive safety drive were in relation to other offenses, including dangerous driving, careless driving, disqualified driving and driving without being qualified. Police said 23 people had also been ticketed during the campaign for using a cellphone whilst driving, 11 for speeding, seven for failing to wear a seatbelt and 44 for other road traffic offenses.

Also during the campaign, which kicked off on Nov. 29, 32 road crashes were reported. Following one of these accidents, a man was airlifted off island for treatment to injuries sustained when his motorcycle was involved in a crash with a Toyota in Red Bay, and another man remained in hospital Monday after being struck by a Suzuki as he worked in a manhole last Friday. The female driver of the Suzuki was arrested on suspicion of careless driving and operating an unlicensed vehicle, no insurance and no certificate of road worthiness.

Inspector Adrian Barnett said police were implementing a “zero tolerance approach to traffic enforcement.”

“This campaign is all about raising awareness of the issue of road safety through education and enforcement,” he said “It’s clear that many people are still not heeding our warnings – they seem to believe that the law does not apply to them.

“Well, 20 people who thought they were above the law have been arrested so far and now face the consequence of court, fines and disqualification. More than 80 other offenses were detected and those who were ticketed face the prospect of having a cash shortage this Christmas because of the associated fines.”
He added, “But let’s face it – the people who are hit hardest are those in hospital and their families. My message to those who continue to drink and drive, speed, drive while being distracted by cellphones etc. is that they should think about those people before getting behind the wheel. Do not be the person responsible for another family having to go through this heartache and trauma.”


  1. 15 DUIs in 10 days? If RCIPS had been waiting outside my regular watering hole last week they’d have doubled that figure in 15 minutes when the traditional Friday night binge started to wind down about 8pm.

    The problem with these campaigns is that RCIPS seem to know where the potential problem areas are going to be over the next couple of weeks and carefully avoid them.

    I was at an upmarket Christmas party a few years ago and by 1am I doubt that anyone there was sober enough to drive (it was walking distance from where I lived) but RCIPS was nowhere to be seen despite what I later learned were numerous complaints from local residents about a fight and cars being raced in the parking lot.

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