39 arrested in holiday traffic crackdown

Between Nov. 29 and Dec. 23, a total of 38 people were arrested for various traffic offenses during the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s ‘Stay Alive’ traffic safety campaign.  

According to the RCIPS, 25 of the arrests were for drunk driving. The other 13 arrests were for offenses that included driving while disqualified, without insurance or without a valid driver’s license.  

Police also prosecuted 64 people for driving while talking on a hand-held cellphone, 45 people for speeding and 23 for failing to wear a seat belt.  

No fatal accidents were reported during the period through Monday. There was one report of a one-car accident Monday just before 1 a.m. on Bodden Town Road. A Hyundai Matrix heading west on Bodden Town Road flipped onto its side about 200 yards from the local police station.  

Although damage to the car was serious, the driver escaped with what police described as minor injuries.  

car crash GT

The wreckage left from Monday morning’s one-car accident.


  1. Well done. Now it’s up to the law to throw the book at these no goods who will spend $100 on booze, but not $10 on a cab. Merry Christmas.

  2. That’s part of the problem though, a cab doesn’t cost $10, nor is there a metering system.

    Instead it replaces one thing Cayman lacks – a good lottery system. You get into a cab, and for extra fun, do it with several friends, and just see the kinds of prices you get quoted. A computer program is yet to be written that can calculate a cab fare here within the nearest $30.

    If I was a Caymanian, I wouldn’t be looking to become a politician, lawyer, accountant or any other well paid job. I would want to be a cab driver. No training needed, just a penchant for chromed plastic add-ons to a vehicle, and a lack of driving skills.

  3. Doesn’t seem like the mobile phone usage in cars stats are high enough to suggest a concerted effort. Maybe some of the unemployed could be deputised to stand on any area of west bay rd and book the hundreds that drive past talking on their phones each hour. Would pay for itself besides the safety angle.

  4. As I read this troubling report and given the breakdown of the offenses, it is a clear indication that these lawbreakers have absolutely no respect or regard for the law, other users of the road, or human itself – including their own. It is a great pity that injury or other consequences cannot be confined only to those responsible. I applaud the alertness of law enforcement and hope this sends a clear signal to those inclined to follow suit.