Sluggers hit the rule books

Coed softball will take extra time to address its rules. 

The Cayman Islands Little League Association is pushing back the start of its 2014 Winter Adult Coed Softball League to Feb. 3. The captains’ meeting will now be on Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. at the Field of Dreams clubhouse.  

Initially, the season was slated to start on Jan. 20. In an email to league participants, coed softball coordinator Alan Markoff said that rule changes are a major talking point. 

“The start of the adult coed league will be delayed by two weeks,” Markoff said. “The team entry fee is $1,500 for teams that are willing to play three daylight weekend games and $1,750 for teams that wish to play all night games. Due to continual issues that arise from some teams not sending representatives to the captains meetings and then not knowing the rules, the CILLA board has made the decision that unless a representative is sent to the captains meeting, a team cannot participate. There will be no exceptions. 

“One of the major rule changes that will be discussed and decided on is how many adult men’s league players can play on teams in various leagues. In January 2013, it was discussed and voted on by the captains attending the preseason meeting that the A League could have three men’s league players, the B League could have two players and the C League could have one player.” 

The adult league Markoff refers to is the Cayman Islands Softball Association fast-pitch league, which offers a men’s and women’s division. The major difference between the fast-pitch and coed leagues is the former has pitchers using a rapid underhand throwing motion to create more speed and spin, while the latter uses a more relaxed, high-arching style. There are some other rule quirks as fast-pitch implements more baseball elements, such as base stealing. 

Markoff went on to say two other coed rules in focus will be interleague play and the promotion of champions from one division to another. One of the more interesting mandates not up for discussion is the at-bat format, which sees every batter start with one ball and one strike – the idea of which is to speed up games. 

Heading into the new campaign, all eyes will be on last year’s winners. KPMG repeated as A League winners behind the likes of Danna Hickey; Sam Anderson and the Rackam’s Crabbies nabbed the B League crown; and Dart, behind Dario Rivers, claimed the C League title. 


Sam Anderson produced many big hits for Rackam’s. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES