Focus more on local issues in the community

All the best to the editor of the Caymanian Compass and its readers!

I know that external affairs are very important but so are internal affairs. As you may notice in many of my letters, I am very concerned about local issues.

First, I will repeat myself about our government buildings. In West Bay for a few years now, I have noticed the roof of the old classroom/clinic. I am not sure why it still looks the way it does. Can’t it be fixed? It is, as some people would say, a sore to one’s eyes. Also, I hope, that by now, all of our government buildings are flying new flags and the old flagged-out ones are gone.

And as I have mentioned from so many years ago, I hope that our Planning Department has now required all buildings to be wheelchair accessible, as well as the sidewalks. Also that all buildings have exits other than the main entrances. There is one particular business establishment in West Bay I notice that has been doing business for years which does not have such an entrance. A person in a wheelchair would have to be lifted by I don’t know how many people in order to get inside.

I would also like to suggest at this time that if, in future, our government is contemplating selling any of our public roads, the road below the so-called “Mount Trashmore” be considered with stipulations, of course. This road in my opinion is a very unhealthy road to travel. No one should be allowed to use this road.

How many times have I spoken/written about the place in town near the library, under the neem tree where locals, residents and visitors frequent everyday? Even though the tree is medicinal, it is being cut down and no one can hardly reach a leaf from it. People sit and eat, drink, chat and meet there on a daily basis but it is kept in a poor condition. I suggested getting a cover over the seating area which will also help when it is raining.

I also said that private businesses could contribute to this issue as it is used by many of their staff and they also have a responsibility to assist with community affairs.

There are many more issues that I could address but one letter cannot hold them. What I would like to see is more attention being given to local/community issues. The people of these islands, I believe, are looking for our “local” issues to be addressed. They voted for representatives to work for them and not against them. I pray that they won’t be disappointed any more and they will be pleased with their representatives. It seems that most of the members, once elected, forget about the people and they don’t see them any more.

Dora A. Ebanks

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