Remembrance service honors Anna Evans

Mrs. Evans still missing after three years

It’s been three years since Anna Evans vanished and still there are no answers as to what happened to her. 

At a special remembrance service held in her honor at the Victory Tabernacle church on Friday, colleagues, officials and civil servants praised Mrs. Evans, who has been missing since January 2011, for her contributions to the Civil Service and to the community. 

Mrs. Evans, a mother of five, was last seen at the George Town landfill, were she worked, around noon on Jan. 27, 2011. 

She was 37 at the time of her disappearance.  

The landfill and other areas were extensively searched in the days following her disappearance, but no trace of her has been found. 

As something of a comfort to the family and children, the service of remembrance was held by staff of Environmental Health, Mrs. Evans’s employer, and the Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth and Culture. 

“Anna was a good, diligent employee with the Department of Environmental Health, and just prior to her disappearance, she had been promoted to the post of landfill attendant and was really looking forward to her new role,” said the Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth and Culture’s chief officer, Jennifer Ahearn. 

“There were hardships, but Anna had them under control. She was loved and respected both by her work family and the Department of Environmental Health and her family at home,” Ms Ahearn said. 

“Her disappearance has left a deep void and it still remains something of a mystery, but nevertheless there is hope, and it is that hope that will always keep her alive and in the mind and hearts of her family and friends.” 

On behalf of Mrs. Evans’s family, Ms Ahearn appealed to everyone to not forget Mrs. Evans as we go about our daily lives. “Let us remember Anna, who was a hard-working mother with five children, and a woman loved by many and cherished by brothers and sisters and the co-workers who depended on her.” 

Minister of Health, Sports, Youth and Culture Osbourne Bodden offered sympathy on behalf of the government and his own family. 

“When you lose someone and you don’t have that closure and a colleague not found, whether it is in a diving accident … or some other tragic circumstances, that is the hardest part for any family. I have never encountered it, but I can only imagine it, that it must be very tough, and I can only pretend to feel your pain,” he said. 

Mr. Bodden commended family members and Mrs. Evans’s sister Noreen Dixon for the job they were doing with her five children. “We feel a certain obligation as well, and we will see what can be done with what must be a heavy burden. 

“To the children whom I have spoken to,” Mr. Bodden said, “make your mom proud! 
“Do what you can do, I know it is not easy, I know it is tough times in Cayman. If you want to come talk to me or any of my colleagues, I am sure they are willing. There are people who love and care for you,” he said, wishing them God’s blessings. 

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said the Civil Service family miss her and will never forget the tremendous work she did and the sacrifices she made. 

“If things are hard, we know you are going through a very difficult time,” he said in remarks directed to the children, “but God is with you, the Civil Service is with you and you have an opportunity to show others in the face of adversities that you can excel and do things your mother would have wanted you to do. The Civil Service will be there for you with what we can do. There is over 3,000 of us and we will be there to help, comfort and support you.”  

John Bothwell, on behalf of the Civil Service Association said, sadly, sometimes it takes something bad happening to make us look at ourselves, how we do things, both personally and professionally, and ask if we could have done better. “Hopefully, nothing this bad every happens again,” he said. 

“Today let’s remember Anna Evans, a colleague praised for her dedication to her family and willingness to work hard at whatever she set her mind to,” he said. 


Family of Anna Evans comfort each other during a Rememberance Service at Victory Tabernacle church Friday. – Photo: Jewel Levy

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