A committee? 
How about a 
SWAT team?

What timing! Hours before the latest blaze broke out in the George Town landfill, the Cayman Islands government issued a news release informing the public that it was addressing the country’s waste management crisis by, what else?, forming a committee.

Minister Osbourne Bodden, who’s responsible for the landfill, was quoted as saying he’s “confident” that “collaborative efforts” will result in “real solutions.”

The new waste management committee includes, count ’em, 16 members – including 13 public servants, one legislator and two purported “private sector representatives.”
A glaring omission from the committee is Environmental Health Director Roydell Carter.
He may be the boss of the dump, but he’s not a part of the group charged with fixing it (although his deputy director Maysson Sallam is).

The government assures us the committee will be “neutral and free from political involvement” because Minister Bodden himself is not a member.

Oh? Non-amnesiacs will recall that Mr. Bodden was elected on the campaign promise of  “No Dump in Bodden Town.”

Does anyone really believe this so-called “neutral” committee would dare recommend a resuscitation of the “Dart deal” (with its $60 million value to the country) and the placement of a new waste management facility in Bodden Town?

In reality, the committee could hardly be more politically compromised, considering that it includes Minister Bodden’s councilor and fellow Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo, as well as two PPM candidates who were defeated in last year’s election, Woody DaCosta and Ray Farrington. Talk about recycling!

An effective panel doesn’t have to be large, nor should it. Social science research has established that the more people in a group, the less personal responsibility each individual feels.

What the country deserves is not another government committee of cronies. What it needs is a SWAT team of experts.


  1. They need to specifically earmark funds to pay these committee members.

    And then CIG can spend those funds on something else, maybe paying for tyre removal…

  2. Can somebody just grow a pair, and fix this?

    Beggars cannot be choosers, just let a few people eat some humble pie, get DART to sort it out, and it will benefit EVERYONE. This includes the short-sighted Bodden Towners who think it will be the End of Days should it go ahead in their general kind of area-ish!

  3. Take Dart up on his offer and give the tires to the Ironwood developers. These are our only realistic choices at this point. Waiting two years to do nothing is not an option.

  4. I am seeing a new trend in the comments, it seems that a lot of people from other districts are taking offence to the fact that Bodden Town residents including Mr Osbourne Bodden seem to be dead set against the idea of garbage from other districts coming into theirs to be processed which is the primary and only reason the Dart deal was immediately cancelled yet for decades Bodden Towns garbage has been dumped in George Town. Since the Bodden Townians as they were referred to are only interested in the wellbeing of their own district and not what’s best for the whole Island, maybe Georgetown shouldn’t have to take the Garbage from Bodden Town any longer and let them deal with it themselves. Maybe a good solution to this whole issue would be smaller Waste Management Facilities in each district where they would be responsible for recycling and processing their own trash.

  5. Committees are usually set up by those already collecting a huge salary to work for the people who elected them. However a committee often serves as the tree they hide behind after throwing stones of destruction, disappointment, and deception. Voters should always raise suspicions at the mention of a committee in most cases especially if selected by a lame duck government.

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