Cayman Logwood creates stunning local art

Cayman Logwood has been delighting art collectors both here and abroad since it started making exquisite and unique wooden bowls last year.  

Owned and operated by the owner of Cayman Sea Salt, Vanessa Polack, the company is giving a new lease on life to the logwood tree, which was once at the heart of Cayman’s economy. 

Local business synergies 

Most people on-island will be familiar with Cayman Sea Salt, which produces sea salt made by hand using artisanal methods. In the course of seeking to manufacture salt cellars locally for Cayman Sea Salt, the owners, mother and daughter Monique and Vanessa Polack, came across Cayman Logwood, a renewable local wood supply.  

Even though the wood did not work out for its original intention, Vanessa says they were delighted that they had discovered this beautiful natural resource all the same. 

The aesthetically pleasing wood stirred up exciting new possibilities for the business pair as they imagined stunning one-of-a-kind pieces of art that could be crafted from the wood. 

“Cayman Logwood and Cayman Sea Salt have similar synergies in that both products are made in Cayman using local resources,” Vanessa says. 

Aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound 

Cayman Logwood makes small, medium and large bowls, each with a completely natural finish. The large bowl is unique in that the makers are able to source only or three from each tree.  

The wood itself is an invasive species, Vanessa advises, and a renewable local wood supply, making it the perfect choice for production. In addition, only fallen trees are used, often from construction sites.  

However, Cayman Logwood is a tropical hardwood, which is quite difficult to work with, so it takes skilled craftsmen, considerable energy, and some time to produce the final pieces of artwork.  

“What is so lovely about logwood is that no two pieces are the same,” Vanessa says. “They are all different shapes and sizes and are extremely durable as the wood is very hard.” 

High demand 

Vanessa says the Cayman Logwood products were popular from the start. 

“Cayman Logwood was well received at a soft launch at the Island Living Show last year, along with Tangram Media and Entertainment who were showcasing the ‘Made in Cayman’ series,” she says, with both entities succeeding in helping to promote this new business venture. 

Vanessa says the appeal of the products Cayman Logwood makes is broad: “Our customer base comprises both locals and visitors who are looking for a unique Caymanian art collectible for a birthday, wedding or corporate gift.  

“The unique shapes and beautiful color of the wood presents itself beautifully for home collectable pieces.” 

All genuine Cayman Logwood products are given a specific number along with the company’s trademark logo on each piece, to ensure that every buyer has an authentic and original piece of art.  

As well as providing artwork to decorate a home, the bowls are also useful as a way to display jewelry, pearls and other precious jewels.  

The bowls have a rich, lustrous and warm shine, unique markings, curvaceous and undulating shapes and contrasting textures.  

Pleased with the success of Cayman Logwood so far, Vanessa says they hope to expand their product lines by introducing new and interesting items for the home. In addition, they intend to bring on board more local craftsmen, widening the positive reach of the business within the local community. 

Cayman Logwood products are available for purchase at the Pure Art shop on North Church Street in George Town and also at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman gift shop, The Cupboard, on Seven Mile Beach. For more details visit


The bowls are ideal for storing jewelry.

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