All Stars smash SIR Axiss

The 10-team Security Centre Squash League has kicked off with some determined performances. 

Most notably, a new South Sound Squash Club All Stars side is trying their luck to become established as a team to watch. The All Stars played against SIR (Sotheby) AXISS team and came out firing on all cylinders.  

The D string was a matchup of Cayman’s future players battling it out. Matthew Dube was pitted against fellow junior Charlie Riker. Riker proved to be too strong on this occasion, winning 3-0. 

The C string was a much closer affair, with veteran campaigner Sheila Conolly relying on her experience to overcome the energetic and speedy Tsin zan Graham of the All Stars. In the end, Graham had too much 
energy and claimed the fifth game.  

The B string provided the biggest nail biter of the evening with All Stars’ Gyles Luke going head-to-head with Dwight Dube. Luke took the first game, but Dwight Dube was right back in the second, narrowly losing the tie brake.  

Down 2-0, Dube turned the tables with some crafty gamesmanship and tactics, which seemed to stun the younger opponent, giving Dube the third game.  

The fourth was a tight affair all the way to 10-10 but, on this occasion, Dube held his nerve forcing an error from Luke and taking the game to level the score at two-games apiece.  

The fifth game was huge, the rallies seemed to go on forever. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, applauding the fine shots and returns on display.  

Finally, the scoreline reached tie break again and there was nothing in it. The balls were flying from one corner of the court to the other and Luke would hit a winner to give him the match ball, however Dube was having none of it and dominated the following rally to set himself up perfectly for an open court shot but he snatched it and hit the tin to lose the final game and the match 3-2.  

The A string player for SIR AXISS was able to salvage some points for his team, overcoming Sean Murphy 3-1 in the final game of the evening. 

One of the new teams in the League, UBS, had Jake Kelly playing at A string for them against Cayman veteran Gabe Rabess for the Security Center Sheriffs. This outing proved to be a real grudge match between the two players, with the first game going 16-14 in favor of Kelly. But after he gained a great start in the second game and his confidence grew, there was no looking back and Kelly managed to keep the momentum going to take the match 3-0. 

The final positions after round one see AON first with 13 points, followed by dms (10 points), All Stars (10 points), Walkers (nine points), UBS (eight points), SIR AXISS (eight points), KPMG Racketeers (seven points), Sheriffs (seven points), Digicel Diehards (five points) and KPMG Kobras (two points). 

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