Rolling, rolling, rolling … keep that food (truck) rolling

If you’ve been driving toward the east of Grand Cayman in recent days, you may have espied a shiny red addition to the landscape between the Country and Western Bar and the roundabout in front of Hurley’s Supermarket. The Rolling Stove is a mobile food trailer, recently acquired by Mark and Sarah O’Keeffe, and it’s serving up the kind of pub grub that has fans from all nations beating a path to its serving window. 

Open seven days a week, The Rolling Stove has a variety of familiar and heartwarming dishes on its menu, including (but certainly not limited to) chicken curry, bangers and mash, fish and chips, and all-day breakfast baps. Mushy peas, onion gravy and battered mushrooms are just a few of the sides you can order, and there are also wraps, paninis, and salads for those looking for lighter fare. 

Although The Rolling Stove does not have a liquor license, it does sell cold beverages in the form of sodas, water, juice, coffee and tea. If you need a pick-me-up in the morning, a breakfast bap, juice and coffee to go may be just the ticket. 

Of course, the advantage of the stove being a rolling one is that it can be moved to different locations for special events. Having a party in your back yard? Call The Rolling Stove to park there and serve hot food fresh from the grill – it’s private catering with a twist! 

It is also perfect for corporate events, receptions, birthday and anniversary parties. With a menu selection to suit young and old, it’s a great way to allow all your guests to choose what they want to eat – and you can relax and enjoy your own party! 

It really comes as no surprise that this entrepreneurial couple has taken this route (so to speak) as they both have a significant amount of experience in the service industry, particularly when it comes to pubs. Mark hails from Cork, Ireland, and has managed several restaurants, including an Irish pub for many years. 

Sarah, his wife, worked as a server and manager when she wasn’t using her background in marketing to create successful advertising campaigns for the places where she worked. They have both been thrilled with the positive response they’ve received from the public so far. 

“It’s been terrific to see so many people stop by,” says Mark, “and we’ve already got a group of regulars coming to see us on a daily basis.” 

“People are always looking for familiar, affordable, and quick, good quality grub,” says Sarah. “Pub food is recognized in countries all over the world. You’ll find pubs from Australia to America, so people can identify with our dishes no matter where they’re from. It’s wonderful comfort food.” 

You can stop by The Rolling Stove in its parked position just off Crewe Road before the Shoppes at Grand Harbour, or order it to come to you for private functions. You can also order lunch for delivery within the Red Bay, George Town or Seven Mile Beach area. 


Call 936-4782 for more information or to place orders. 


A couple of happy customers enjoy their pub grub lunch.

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