Students find career days eye-opening

Local high school students have been holding their career days this week. 

Clifton Hunter High School held its career day on Tuesday, and students of John Gray High School explored various potential careers the following day. 

At Clifton Hunter, Years 9, 10 and 11 students got a chance to speak with representatives from local companies covering a wide scope of industries, from water sports and media to finance and emergency services. 

Janice MacLean, public information manager for Government Information Services, said she was very happy to see the enthusiasm of the students as they chatted with visitors. 

“It was great to see the engaged conversations between professionals and students at the CHHS Career Fair,” she said. “The Media, Marketing and Communications booth was very popular, and I was very grateful that so many of my industry colleagues were eager to give their time and share their career experience.” 

Over at John Gray the next day, enthusiasm was equally high. 

“The day involved a cross-section of employers providing information about their businesses and possible career opportunities,” said Heather-Ann Cahill, a careers adviser at John Gray. “It excited students about the various job possibilities in banking, hospitality, business management, fire service and so forth. What we had there were students going up to employers asking questions, interacting, not feeling too shy among strangers. It was a way of students gaining self confidence and interacting with adults in the work force.” 

Student Channelle Thomas had eyes on businesses Deloitte and Cayman National Bank. She thought the career day was an eye opener for her and others students. “It gave us the opportunity to see what types of jobs are out there in Cayman,” Ms. Thomas said. The 16-year-old student at John Gray was one of more than 200 high school students who attended the careers day in the school’s auditorium.  

The career day at John Gray also featured guest speakers, such as former John Gray student Kirstie Foster Johnson, a 19-year-old now working with HSM. Ms. Johnson shared with pupils her transition into the work force since graduating from John Gray school. “It was an honor to encourage and motivate students to do better and to know that there are employers out there willing to groom young Caymanians,” she said.  

“Students need to get the idea that if they want to achieve their best in a given profession, they need to be asking the questions,” said Ms Cahill. “How do I become a fireman, police officer or nurse and find out what it takes to be good and outstanding in these roles, take the information and develop a portfolio based on that career advice.” 

To see photos from the careers days, see In Focus on page 10. 

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