Governor’s reception for honored women

Throughout Honoring Women Month this March, the contribution women have made in the community, particularly in sports, has been celebrated, culminating with a reception at the governor’s residence on Monday.  

It was a chance to recap and recognize the many sponsors and people who contributed to the success of the events.  

Miriam Foster, program coordinator of the Family Resource Centre, was the driving force behind the events and she hosted Monday night’s presentations.  

Governor Helen Kilpatrick congratulated all recipients and handed out Family Resource Centre awards. Collin Anglin, director of sports, also praised the recipients, adding that they are an inspiration to all. Sponsors were presented with certificates. 

There were special awards for Merta Day, sports coordinator for women of the Department of Sports, and for Andy Bonner, creator of the CaymanActive website that has become invaluable for health and sports issues and events. 

Ms. Day praised the women who have excelled in their sports and then passed on their skills and experience to successive generations. 

Award recipients were Jan Pereira, Penny McDowall, Lyneth Monteith, Sarah MacKay, Pat McCallum, Martha Godet and Elizabeth Ibeh. Sprint queen Cydonie Mothersill was also honored but could not attend.  

“I see our events growing and growing every year,” Ms. Foster said. “Every year we try to make things different and bring in some unique things. Like this year, our Color Me Purple 5 kilometers walk featured color bombing stations. So we’re always willing to take a risk and spruce things up so that all our events continue to grow and get bigger.” 

Ms. Foster’s appreciation of her co-workers and sense of fun was highlighted by giving purple capes for her “super” Family Resource Centre team – Judith Seymour (director), Carlie Rowell, Brendon Malice, Miles Ruby, Erin Hislop, Racquel Duhaney, Charmaine Miller, Teresa Silva and Brenda Dawkins.  

Ms. Foster added that she is excited by the great community support the Family Resource Centre gets throughout March.  


Ms. Foster

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