Sheriffs show SIR AXISS no mercy

The Security Centre Squash League Round 6 demonstrated that The Sheriffs are regaining some control, Walkers have made a stride forwards, and Aon have ensured a level footing in top spot. 

TSCL Sheriffs went out blazing and demonstrated their intention with a 5-0 win in matches over SIR AXISS.  

The Sheriffs’ Shaun Devine took control of Charlie Riker, albeit only 11 years old, and gained a 2-0 lead, only for Riker to claim the third game and pressure Devine into a fourth.  

Devine managed to stay ahead of Riker whilst looking worried throughout the final game, taking it 11-7.  

Stuart Bostock, Sheriffs’ C player had a steady start to his match but found himself one down against Rozlyn Glanfield. 

This did not last as Bostock found a rhythm and changed the momentum slightly and allowed him to sneak the next two games 11/9 apiece.  

The fourth was more decisive as Bostock claimed victory 11-3. Mike Cansell, Sheriffs’ B player, proved too strong for the determined Dwight Dube in a 3-0 well controlled match. The A match up was between the unorthodox Frank Brennan and the hard hitting Stephen Gilbert.  

It was Gilbert’s pace which won him the first game 11-2. A stirred up Brennan started to work Gilbert around the court much more effectively in the ends game and scraped the win 12-10. Brennan kept the tempo high for the following two games and made Gilbert work hard and he took them 11-5, 11-4. 

Walkers gained a healthy 10 points from the match up against KPMG Kobras whose captain Samantha Hennings saved face with a solid performance over Alison Linley, winning in four games. 

AON had two juniors making up their C & D players. Jasun Sairsingh, only 13, was too speedy and energetic for UBS’s Corbus Pietersen in their 3-0 encounter, but Alexandra Artuch wasn’t so fortunate against UBS’s Paul Smith who eked out a 3-1 win.  

Cayman team-mates Marlene West and Myron Blair made up AON’s A and B respectively and both won their ties, although West was pushed to a fifth game against the lefty Cory Scruggs, which she claimed 11-7 to give AON a very tidy 11 points on the night. 

The Security Centre Squash League standings after Round 6. 

  • DMS  58 
  • AON  58 
  • TSCL Sheriffs  55 
  • Walkers  51 
  • Digicel Diehards  44 
  • SIR AXISS  41 
  • UBS  41 
  • SSSC All Stars  38 
  • KPMG Racketeers  37 
  • KPMG Kobras  27 

Frank Brennan

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