Mistreated dog ready for new start

An 18-month-old dog that made headlines after being dumped in a state of starvation at the Humane Society is on the road to recovery and now looking for a new home. 

Teddy was abandoned at the dog shelter in February. 

“We are currently looking for a foster, or forever home for Teddy,” said Kim Arch, veterinary technician at the Humane Society. “He’s put on some weight, and he doesn’t need to be hospitalized anymore. He’s doing well health-wise. From a medical standpoint, he’s good to go.”  

Mysti Powell, a veterinarian assistant at Island Vets, has become fond of Teddy since he entered the clinic’s care. “He’s a very sweet dog with people, not a fan of other dogs, but he’s an absolute sweetheart,” she said. 

Teddy has been receiving intravenous and other treatments at Island Vets, where he is being slowly nursed back to health.  

The Humane Society is appealing for someone to adopt the brown puppy.  

Recent figures released by the Department of Agriculture show that a record 433 dogs and cats were euthanized in 2013. 


Teddy has improved dramatically and is now ready for a permanent home.

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