Heart fund donates equipment

Patients recovering from strokes or heart attacks will have access to new equipment at the Cayman Islands Hospital’s physiotherapy department. 

The Cayman Heart Fund has donated a blood pressure/pulse oximeter machine, laptop, projector, stopwatch and radio/CD player to the physiotherapy unit. 

David Dinner, chairman of the Cayman Heart Fund, said “The physiotherapy department deals with a wide range of patients with very different needs, including patients who are undergoing rehabilitation following a cardiac event.  

“The items donated will help the Health Services Authority provide those patients with the necessary after-care and monitoring so crucially needed after suffering from a heart attack or stroke.”
The blood pressure machine is portable and can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood without having to draw blood from the patient. 

The laptop and projector will be used for group presentations and the stopwatch and radio/CD player will be used during therapy with the patients.  

“In addition to the equipment donated, we also printed 2,000 cardiac rehabilitation brochures to help further educate patients about the cardiac rehabilitation program available at the HSA,” Mr. Dinner said. “As a not-for-profit organization, the Cayman Heart Fund is dedicated to reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease through education, detection and prevention.”
Medical Director of the HSA, Dr. Delroy Jefferson thanked the Cayman Heart Fund for its continuing support of the Health Services Authority. 

“All of this equipment, no matter how large or small, will help improve our patients’ experience,” he said. 

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