Neglected dog dies after caretaker injured

Teddy, a young dog who was emaciated and severely neglected when he was dumped at the Humane Society in February, died Tuesday after his foster caretaker was hit by a truck while walking the dog.

The dog had spent just a week with his foster caretaker.

The caretaker’s shoulder was injured when she was struck by the mirror of the truck on Crewe Road on Friday night, and as a result she was unable to continue caring for Teddy, said Michele Sabti of the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

“[Teddy] had to go into the shelter that night. He was so bonded with her [the foster parent] in that short week, and then he declined over the weekend,” said Ms. Sabti.

The dog was readmitted to Island Veterinary Services clinic on Monday, but he continued to deteriorate, Ms. Sabti said. “He just couldn’t be stabilized.”

After speaking with the veterinarians, the shelter made the decision to euthanize him.

Police said the 28-year-old driver of the truck that struck the caretaker stopped immediately after the accident. A breathalyzer test was negative.

The Humane Society had recently highlighted the plight of neglected and mistreated animals in Cayman, using Teddy as an example of the cruelty that some humans show to pets.

Staff at the shelter were shaken by Teddy’s death and released a statement Tuesday on social media:

“Teddy died today and we are all heartbroken. He had a wonderful week with his new foster mom Ingrid whom he adored. Ingrid and Teddy were out walking on Friday night and Ingrid was hit by a truck. … Ingrid was by his side to help him over Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye sweet little Teddy – we will never forget you.”


Teddy was in a loving home before he died.

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