Abusive relationship seminar to be hosted

The Cayman Family Resource Centre is offering a three-day certificate course for frontline professionals on the dynamics of abusive relationships. 

The Domestic Violence Intervention Training Program takes place at the South Sound Community Centre from April 29 to May 1, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with facilitators from the Family Resource Centre. 

The goal is for everyone in the community, especially frontline professionals, to have a clear understanding of what domestic violence is, to better assist victims and perpetrators, and to create a cohesive multi-agency approach, according to the Family Resource Centre. The training involves developing a broader understanding of domestic violence and incorporate a three-day interactive training session, which involves presentations, discussions, group work, team building activities and guest speakers.  

Although some may wish to attend, this course is not generally for victims of domestic violence, according to a statement from the Family Resource Centre. Rather, it is a focus group which explores the various factors and dynamics of domestic violence, ways to identify a domestic violence situation, and what can be done to prevent it.  

Participants can also expect to be exposed to a broad range of information about domestic violence, learn local/regional/international statistics, and broaden their understanding of the dynamics of abusive relationships through indepth discussions. It will also provide a networking opportunity between a range of frontline professionals involved in this field of work. 

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The Family Resource Centre hopes that, through this experience, professionals will learn how other agencies tackle the issue of domestic abuse in Cayman and be more aware of the services available and the types of work conducted for people involved in domestic violence situations.  

The program is free of charge. Facilitators at the Family Resource Centre welcome members of the clergy, professionals, educators and individuals in the medical community who wish to learn more about how to deal with the dynamics of abusive relationships.  

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