Fraser steps up to prepare for Commonwealth Games

Swimmer Brett Fraser is gearing up for the Commonwealth Games qualifiers in Arizona or the Bahamas in the next couple of months.  

New York-based Fraser reached the 50 meters and 100m freestyle semifinals at the London Olympics so should not have any problems qualifying for the Glasgow Games in July.  

“There are a lot of sacrifices I have to make now,” Fraser said about his preparations. “You have to watch your diet and step up your training a bit and start traveling more. It’s an adjustment but it’s something I’ve done in the past and always look forward to doing.” 

Fraser, 24, is pleased that the CARIFTA swim team of 28 competitors in Aruba this week is the biggest in years, reflecting on how well the local program is developing.  

With brother Shaune, 26, Fraser started at the Lions Pool with the Stingray Club. Shaune competed at the last three Olympics and Brett at the last two.  

Fraser praised Andy Copley, who is the head coach at Stingray and at CARIFTA where competition starts on Tuesday.  

“I got to connect really well with Andy last summer at the Island Games,” Fraser said. “He’s doing a fantastic job, coaching and mentoring the swimmers. Swimming on an island like this, it is tough to get up and get to the pool and stick to a schedule which you have to do to be successful.” 

Fraser added that he is excited that the CARIFTA team is so big. He gave them a pep talk before leaving. 

He stressed that for kids to be successful, they need to listen and act on the advice the coaches give them. “They are working in your best interests to make sure you can advance and have the opportunities later on,” he said.  

“It’s pretty important to stay positive and to try and set goals for yourself. Once you can see yourself progressing to a big goal you set yourself, it gives you that push to keep going. That helped me out a lot.”  


Brett Fraser has gone into serious training. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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