Public honors NCVO pledges

Radio/telethon raised $127,298

When local performers and broadcast technicians volunteered their services for a radio/telethon in November 2013, their efforts attracted pledges totalling $128,170 to benefit the National Council of Voluntary Organizations. 

It took a while, but the vast majority of people making those pledges did pay what they said they would. 

Last week, NCVO chief executive officer Janice Wilson announced receipt of what she called “an astounding CI$127,298 of donations.”  

Ms. Wilson stated, “We are very grateful to all of those companies and individuals who have honored their pledges. Every year, we strive to collect as much as possible and we are generally very successful in receiving almost all the amounts pledged.” 

The 34th annual event was held at Prospect Playhouse and broadcast live by Cayman 27 television and Radio Cayman. Chuck and Barrie Quappe produced the five-hour program and also took part in providing entertainment. The show featured other long-time favorites, such as Barefoot Man and Andy Martin, Swanky Kitchen Band and Gone Country. New talent, like the young group InVerse, donated their time and received wide exposure in exchange.  

The NCVO is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to the care, education and well-being of children and families in need of support in the Cayman Islands.  

Money raised from the annual radio/telethon goes exclusively to The Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home, Miss Nadine’s Pre-School, Jack & Jill Nursery, Caring Cousins Welfare Fund and the John Gray Fund.  

This year’s fundraiser will take place at the Prospect Playhouse on Saturday, Oct. 25. 

For more information about the event or to make a donation to the NCVO, contact Janice Wilson at 949-2124 or [email protected] 


Chuck and Barrie Quappe produced the program and entertained along with Roger Wilson on guitar and Mark McTaggart on drums.

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