Savannah Primary school shines light on numeracy

Students at Savannah Primary School learned last week that mathematics can be fun. 

As part of the two-day event, the kids learned more about numeracy by playing football, singing songs, learning sign language, playing board games, and keeping shop. 

Gillian Dasent, the school’s mathematics head, said the primary school decided to hold the numeracy days to get the students engaged and enthusiastic about math, which is part of the school’s improvement plan. 

School principal Caraol Nyack explained that children were performing lower in numeracy than in literacy “so the school felt it must take center stage this year.” 

As a result, she said, the school also held a three-prong program in which parents of children in infant and junior classes met over a month with numeracy specialist Frank Eade to become more educated on helping their kids at home with mathematics, by using simple objects around the house to aid with addition and counting. 

“The numeracy celebrations educated kids to find maths everywhere and to take away the mystery of maths by getting them to look around and start thinking and calculating the whole environment as a maths solution,” said Principal Nyack. 

Year 6 student Diandra Whittaker thinks the numeracy days helped kids learn they can find mathematics everywhere and can learn about it every day. 

“[Maths days] helped us to realize that mathematics is very important because we use it for everything we do. To me, this is fun and helps me to realize that maths is everywhere, whether I am playing football, basketball or finding the perimeter of a house,” she said. 


Students in the reception class at Savannah Primary learn mathematics through shopping. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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