Intruder suspect appears in court

A 26-year-old woman appeared in Summary Court Tuesday after being arrested for allegedly intruding into a George Town home and threatening the man inside with a knife on Friday morning.

Nathania Chollette was charged with aggravated burglary, two counts of burglary, disorderly conduct and threats to kill a police office, police said following her arrest near the scene of the incident at Greenwood Drive.

Police said the two other burglaries were allegedly committed during the past two weeks at Greenwood Drive and School House Road in George Town.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats remanded Chollette in custody. There was no application for bail.

The magistrate transmitted the charge of aggravated burglary to the Grand Court, where Chollette is due to appear on May 2. The additional charges of burglary can be dealt with by either the Summary Court or Grand Court. They will be mentioned at Summary Court on May 2.


  1. Front page news 30 years ago: Woman leaves purse on beach to go swimming, gone when she returns.

    News today: An assortment of knife attacks, phone ‘top up’ machine thefts, armed robberies and drug busts.

    Hard to believe we are living in the same country.

    Yes 30 years have passed. But 30 years have passed in other countries too, without them suffering a similar crime increase.

    What are we doing wrong here that has allowed such evil to prosper and grow?

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