Test your mixology ‘app’titude

First impressions 

We’ve all been in the position where unexpected guests show up to our house and our liquor cabinet is found wanting. There’s that bottle of peach schnapps from last Christmas, a bottle of rum, some interesting vodka flavors and maybe some sweet and sour mix, if we’re lucky. 

The Mixologist app is a gift under these circumstances. With the few ingredients you have at hand, it can suggest some recipes that will save the day. 

I have a pretty impressive selection of alcohol and mixers at my house, yet even still, I’ve often found myself missing a vital element of a recipe, and I’m left to invent something on the fly. Not always a great idea. It seems that crème de menthe goes with very little. 

I really liked this app from the beginning, as it has a huge database of beverages from which to choose, and can answer the eternal question: “How does one make absinthe palatable?” 

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How it works 

This is pretty simple to use, so you won’t require any instruction to get started. You can just jump right into the wonderful world of mixology. 

For starters, you can scroll through a loooong list of drinks. You’ll learn early on that there are many, many Absolut cocktails out there. It will take you a while just to get to the “B”s, never mind the rest of the recipes. 

The names are pretty interesting as well, like “A Furlong Too Long,” “Adonis,” and the “La Brea Tar Pit,” a ghastly sounding concoction of Kahlua and clam juice. It would be interesting to head to a Seven Mile bar and start firing these off at a bartender. One way to make yourself very popular. 

You can jump to a letter of the alphabet by tapping the one you’re looking for in the right hand margin, or you can use the search bar at the top to find a specific drink. If you have a favorite poison, such as rum or vodka, you can plug that in there, and it will bring up recipes including that ingredient. 

Along the bottom of the screen are further options. If you choose “Cabinet,” you’ll be able to highlight everything you’ve got in stock – both liquor and mixers – and then tap the “Search” tab to give you a full list of recipes using those ingredients. 

Choose “Random” and you’ll get three columns; one with liquors, one with mixers, and the other with glassware. You can spin, then lock the columns to find a drink featuring all three elements. Very scientific. 

Choose “Bartending” and you’ll be privy to tips and tricks of the trade, glassware, and advice on how to stock your cabinet. It’s a cornucopia of information that will take you from amateur to professional status in no time at all…or at least you’ll be able to mix a decent drink in your own home. 

When I tried it 

Sure, I’ve pulled up a chair at a bar and asked for a Cosmopolitan or a sour apple martini with confidence, but I never knew there were so many different choices out there! I suppose blackberry liqueur and Hypnotiq were created for a reason. 

I had actually purchased a bottle of Domaine De Canton ginger liqueur a while back, because I love the taste of ginger, but had very little idea what to mix with it. After using my Mixologist app, I found myself with a Ginger Grapefruit Rickey in hand. Not bad at all! 

I thought about taking my iPad with me to one of my favorite bars, but then thought better of it. What kind of nerd would I be, requesting drinks from my iPad in front of everyone? 

That’s why I downloaded it onto my iPhone. 

Final thoughts 

Mixology has never been more of an art than it is these days. The experienced and elite are constantly creating new ways to mix cocktails that look and taste divine, and now you can learn some of their methods yourself. 

Not all of the recipes in this app are fantastic (seriously – Kahlua and clam juice?), but there are lots to keep you interested. You’ll find out how to stir, shake, layer and muddle drinks, as well as infuse spirits and rim glasses. 

It offers great advice on using fresh ingredients, and why you should upgrade your spirits to the top-shelf brands. 

The Mixologist app won’t necessarily get you a job behind the bar at Agua, but if you become more familiar with what flavors you like and what brands are best, at least you’ll know what to order when you hit the town. 


  • Cost: $0.99 
  • Seller: Cocktail Recipes LLC 
  • Devices: Android and iOS 
  • Rating: M for Mature 
  • Three stars 

One of the secrets to a great drink is fresh ingredients.
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