Deputy governor runs to assist hospice

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson is calling on civil servants and fitness enthusiasts to step up to a 5K challenge on May 25 to help marathon veteran Derek Haines raise $1 million for the local hospice.  

“I am very excited about the deputy governor’s 5K Challenge,” said Mr. Manderson, adding that he will support Mr. Haines, a retired Cayman Islands police officer, by donating the funds raised from the challenge to the hospice campaign. 

Mr. Haines, 65, already has raised $300,000 in donation pledges toward his million-dollar goal, earmarked for Cayman HospiceCare, by running six marathons this year. He has completed two of the six – Paris on April 6 and London on April 13. The next one is the Pamplona marathon in Spain with his daughter Lizzy on June 28. 

Mr. Manderson said, like Mr. Haines, he has a passion for fitness and is encouraging civil servants to follow suit. 

“This challenge is launched in keeping with my goal to have a healthier, more active civil service. It has been extremely pleasing to have so many civil servants join me on this journey towards health and wellness by participating in the various community fitness initiatives over the past few years,” the deputy governor said. 

In light of the fitness challenge, Mr. Manderson outlined the importance of workplace wellness.  

“Investing in a healthy workforce, and encouraging and facilitating staff to embrace active and healthy lifestyles, is a win-win proposition, and I am encouraging all employers and employees to take part in the event,” he said. 

“We, as civil servants, now have the opportunity to host our own fitness initiative, in the form of a 5K walk or run. What is more exciting is that this event will also give us the opportunity to support a very worthy cause and give back to our community,” he added. 

The event is open to the public, and Mr. Manderson encourages family and friends outside the civil service to take part.  

Those interested in joining the 5K fundraiser can register online at the Cayman Active website, and volunteers can email [email protected] 


Derek Haines, 65, in Paris after running in a 26.2 mile race to raise money for the hospice where there were more than 40,000 other runners.


Deputy Governor Franz Manderson running in last year’s Cayman Islands Marathon. – PHOTO: CHRIS COURT.

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