Students warn against water pollution

Students from George Town and Sir. John A. Cumber primary schools have completed a one-month project aimed at educating the public on water pollution. 

Students involved in the school’s Earlyactors programs designed educational posters with messages including: bag yard clippings after cutting the lawn, don’t pour oil or other chemicals down the drain, don’t throw trash in the ocean, pick up your pets poop, save water, and how to sanitize water. 

Posters were displayed at this month’s Rotary Central Science Fair and were judged on clarity, innovation, graphics and artistry. 

Project coordinator Jacqueline Golding-McDonald said she was pleased with the level of work students produced. 

“Particularly, I am happy that we were able to provide the learning opportunity for such a vital topic in our community,” she said. 

Rotaract Blue hosted the competition with the support of Rotary club of Grand Cayman Central and Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Sunrise. 

As part of the project, students toured the Water-Authority Cayman where they learned about how water is protected and the treatment process. They were also visited by the Department of Environmental Health.  

Judges from the Water Authority, the National Trust and Rotaract Blue crowned students from George Town Primary School the competition winners.  

Students were awarded a water cooler and gallon bottles from Flowers Water.  


Students created posters to educate on water pollution.

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