Re-introducing the ‘Cayman Compass’

Readers have surely noticed a number of significant changes to this newspaper — in content, appearance and design — since last June, when Cayman Free Press was acquired by Pinnacle Media Ltd., owned by David and Vicki Legge.

The most prominent change occurred Monday, May 12, when the Caymanian Compass newspaper officially became the Cayman Compass … again.

Like the new Pinnacle Media sign at our physical headquarters on Shedden Road, the change to the name of the newspaper can be considered a stamp, or signature, of the new management. The Compass is a different (and, we submit, better) newspaper than before. But the name change is also a harkening back to the Compass’s roots.

For those who weren’t around at the time, or who don’t recall the details, here’s some history:

May 1503: On his fourth and final voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus discovers the Cayman Islands. There was no newspaper to chronicle the event, largely because there were no readers. The islands were uninhabited.

December 1956: The country’s first newspaper — The Cayman Times — launches, printed in Jamaica by the Gleaner Company. It ceases publication five months later.


  • October 1965: Billy Bodden starts The Caymanian Weekly newspaper.
  • September 1972: Billy Bodden starts The Cayman Compass newspaper.
  • June 1974: The Caymanian Weekly and The Cayman Compass merge, becoming the Caymanian Compass.
  • November 1974: Brian Uzzell becomes majority owner of Cayman Free Press and the Caymanian Compass.
  • June 2013: Pinnacle Media acquires Cayman Free Press and the Caymanian Compass.
  • Now, in May 2014, we are proud to re-introduce the Cayman Compass, which is what many of our readers have always called the newspaper in conversation anyway.
  • Not only is Cayman Compass shorter and snappier, but it is also more intuitive and conforms with grammatical constructs and the naming of many local institutions.
  • Cayman Airways. Cayman Turtle Farm. Cayman National Cultural Foundation.
  • Cayman Islands. Cayman Compass.

It just sounds right.


The final edition of the original Cayman Compass newspaper was published June 12, 1974, before merging with The Caymanian Weekly to become the Caymanian Compass.


  1. I applaud your move to rename the paper. I don’t think that I ever stopped calling it the ‘Cayman Compass’, and I think the same is true for most others as well. Keep up the good work that you do to bring us the news.

  2. great move….now all you need is to put the
    Live Web Cam (at the Stingray fountain) back in service..
    I sure do miss it..especially during Batabanoo….and sure do miss the articles by JOE SHOMAN….

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