Brackers keen on idea of recycling

Service clubs host public forums to encourage recycling on Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac residents are helping their environment by taking on the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. 

In an effort to encourage more recycling on the Brac, Rotary Sunrise president JD Mosley-Matchett and Kiwanis President Kadi Pentney-Merren, along with Brac resident Mitchum Sanford, held public forums at Brac primary schools and the UCCI campus recently. 

Keen on the idea of additional recycling, residents had plenty of questions for the presenters. 

One resident asked about the possibility of the Department of Environmental Health collecting recyclable items once or twice a month, in addition to the regular rubbish collection. 

Other residents touched on the subject of getting rid of garbage by using barges to haul away rubbish, or the government purchasing all items made of plastic, glass and aluminum for $0.10 or $0.25 each. 

Mr. Sanford said he believed it was possible that the Department of Environmental Health could collect recyclable material from residents.  

He explained that in Canada, garbage vehicles have separate compartments for different types of waste materials. 

“By sorting garbage from within the household, it makes it that much easier for pick up,” he said.  

“Everything can be recycled. It is going to be at a cost but it will made the community better. Who is going to do it? Those that get involved,” he added. 

Mr. Sanford explained that currently all discarded items have to be shipped off-island because no-one recycles that material. 

“A trip to the garbage dump will give you a grand view of things strewn all over the entire place. It is disgusting. A community hazard is what that garbage dump is,” he said. 

He said the Department of Environmental Health does have a recycling initiative of collecting aluminum cans but he was not aware of other forms of recycling being carried out. 

Residents at the presentation also suggested putting more bins in other locations; not allowing plastic bottles on island; getting a small glass crusher on the Brac and using the crushed glass as road and construction fill; and asking Fosters to donate reusable bags. 

Service presidents Ms. Mosley-Matchett and Ms. Pentney-Merren said the trip to the Brac was very successful. 

“We gave presentations to over 250 students and adults about the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. We also spoke a bit about what is currently being recyclable in Grand Cayman …. and what happens to recyclable items and what is likely to happen if residents of both islands do not start taking recycling seriously,” Ms. Pentney-Merren said. 

She added that the service clubs would be speaking with the Department of Environment Health as well as private companies about getting more recycle bins in the Brac and possibly a small glass crusher. “We believe that this could make a huge difference and ensure that the dump in the Brac does not turn into a bigger problem in the future,” she said. 

She added that raising awareness of waste management is a joint initiative by the Kiwanis, Rotary and Lions service clubs.  

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