Applicants asked to reapply for BT affordable homes

Deadline is Wednesday, June 11

Residents who previously applied for affordable homes in Bodden Town are being asked to resubmit applications. 

The National Housing Development Trust is looking for updated information from the 200 residents who have already applied to avail of an affordable home under the scheme. The housing trust has given a deadline of June 11 for receipt of that information. 

Julio Ramos, general manager of the National Housing Development Trust, said some of the 200 applications had been received as far back as 2004. 

“To date, 126 applications have been assessed and reviewed the Finance Committee. In our review, it was concluded that in order [to] honor all applications, the Trust would need to reach out to previous applicants to provide updated information,” said Mr. Ramos. 

He added that so far, the housing trust has reached out to applicants by phone, email, and now public notice.  

“The rationale for this is that no one will be overlooked as it is anticipated that all applications will be fully assessed, reviewed and decided on. Once this is exercise is completed the Trust would only be reviewing new applications,” Mr. Ramos said. 

Of the homes available, six are two-bedroom premises at $105,000 each; and 14 are three-bedroom homes, at $120,000 each.  

Criteria for being assigned one of the homes include being a first–time home owner; earning no more than $30,000 per year/$2,500 per month or less than $2,000 monthly for single applicants; or $45,000 per year/$3,750 per month for joint applicants; becoming the owner/occupier of the home being purchased; being currently employed for at least six months, or self-employed for at least two years; residing in Grand Cayman; being Caymanian or holding Caymanian status; and being in the age-bracket required for repaying a mortgage. 

Among the documentation required are: completed application form; certified copies of certificate of Caymanian status/right to be Caymanian; letter of permanent residence, plus residency and 

employment rights certificates; original birth certificate; data/photo-page of current passport; a current police clearance certificate; current employment letter; and credit references from personal banks. 

According to a statement from the housing trust, completed applications must be returned, with all documents attached, to the National Housing Development Trust’s office in the Cayman Centre, located across from the Airport Post Office, at 118 Dorcy Drive, Building E, Unit 4. 

After reviewing applications for Bodden Town, the housing trust will review them for the remaining 11 houses in new housing sites – in East End, where three homes are available, and West Bay, where eight are available. 

According to the statement from the housing trust, it also plans to construct additional affordable homes in the various districts, and will issue a public notice to invite applicants when homes are available. Other services, including the “Build on your Own Property” assisted-housing scheme are available. 

For more information on requirements, contact the National Housing Development Trust at 945-7649.