National Museum funding transferred to dump

The government has transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars in its current budget from the Cayman Islands National Museum to Grand Cayman’s trash dump. 

The transfer of funds was needed to “meet certain costs associated with the George Town landfill,” Environmental Health Minister Osbourne Bodden said Wednesday.  

Mr. Bodden said $240,000 given to the museum for securing a facility to house its support functions and collection of artifacts was not being used in the government’s 2013/14 budget and was given to the landfill for operations expenses.  

“Due to current conditions and incidents of fire at the landfill … a decision to reprioritize this funding was made by the ministry,” Mr. Bodden said.  

The reallocation of funds was a transfer, not an additional expense for government and, therefore, did not require approval by the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee or the United Kingdom, which has forbidden supplemental expenses for Cayman’s current and upcoming budgets.  

In addition to the money for the landfill, another $10,426 given to the Chamber of Commerce’s “Mentoring Cayman” program is not being used in the current budget year.  

Mr. Bodden said that money was transferred to support the Junior Batabano Festival, which in recent years suffered budget cuts that put the future of the festival in jeopardy.  

The funding increase will boost the government’s overall spending on Junior Batabano from about $15,000 to $25,500. 


Funding for the National Museum will be redirected toward the George Town Landfill.


  1. This total lack of respect for preserving our culture is why our country is in a mess. Every time they need to cut funds its from the Natl Museum which is already running on a bare bones budget. Thanks you lot, being disappointed by the govt of the Cayman Islands is now the norm.

  2. Judging from the disagree votes there’s still a lot of people who actually believe the PPM will find a solution that cost nothing. Cayman is a great place to be a politician..

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