Youngsters get free composition books

Two local businesses came together Monday to distribute 4,000 free composition books to Year 5 students in 12 schools, including two schools in the Brac. 

The annual event, “Composition Books and Fun Day,” is a joint effort between Webster’s Tours and Lee’s Office Products and was held outside the Webster’s Tours compound off Breezy Castle Road.  

“My favorite part about this is knowing that the children of all of the government schools get an opportunity to come together, not just primarily for sports activities and to compete, but they are able see each other in a different format where they can see the talent displays and see their peers being able to compete through talent,” said Kenrick Webster, managing director of Webster Tours.  

He added that he was happy to be able to “bring holistically together all of the government schools under one umbrella.”  

During Mr. Webster’s address to hundreds of primary school students, he said, “Today my message is building our future. You are the future of the Cayman Islands; the future leaders of this country. But in order for you to be future leaders, you need the right tools and you need to be equipped. The composition books that you are about to receive today is my commitment to help each and every one of you to build a bigger and better future.”  

According to Mr. Webster, the composition books were chosen because they are “required for the children to use every day in school, so it’s not something they can just put to the wayside.” Mr. Webster said he hoped the kids will remember where the books came from and gain inspiration to challenge themselves to learn more in the future.  

“These books are part of their history. They can reflect on this as part of they history to show their kids,” said Mr. Webster.  

Deputy chief officer of the Ministry of Education, Alva Suckoo said, “This event warms my heart and gives me an opportunity to remember why I get out of bed every morning and go to work and write policies and all these other boring things, so that you all can go to school, have a good time, get good grades, and eventually become the leaders of this country.”  

During the three-hour event, students performed an array of talent, ranging from dances and skits to solo poetry recitals. All performers were awarded with prizes from various businesses. In their free time, youngsters spent the day jumping in bouncy castles, learning about Cayman thatch work from veteran thatchers, and eating free pizza from Domino’s.  

The public schools that received books were: Bodden Town, East End, George Town, John A. Cumber, North Side, Prospect, Red Bay, and West End primary schools in Grand Cayman, Creek and Spot Bay primary schools in Cayman Brac, Lighthouse School, and Grace Christian Academy, which is a private school.  


Kendrick Webster hands out free notebooks to students. – PHOTOs: SAMANTHA BONHAM


Savannah Primary School students Colline Stuart and Josia Wilson learn about traditional crafts.