Are you overcoming weight loss hurdles?

With over 35 years working in the profession and arena of weight control, it still baffles me how the majority of people enrolled in a weight-reduction program never make the finish line. Whatever that finish line is, it is a personal matter.  

It may be whittling down to a size 10, reducing to a goal weight, let’s say of 140 pounds on the scale, or reducing overall Body Mass Index and body fat percentages. 

Gallant efforts, sacrificial dollars and the latest weight-loss gimmick (and there are so many) still fail to lower the width and girth challenge that is here, it seems, to stay. Sadly, as written in a previous Cayman Compass article, statistics indicate that most people who lose weight regain it. 

You do not have to be part of this sad dynamic. It is common knowledge to most of us what to eat and also how physical activity plays a major role in weight management. Most pound-down plans promise astounding results from these two important components, and progressive programs add a measure of motivation and behavior management for a comprehensive and effective approach to healthy weight loss. What lacks in many programs, however, are keys for success that must be developed personally. My own journey to an ideal weight required development of certain character attributes essential for overall success. 

One of these success keys is “becoming a finisher,” hanging in through the ups and downs, thick and thin times of lifestyle change and weight loss. Without finishing, the goal is never quite achieved bringing the cycle of weight gain and lost around again and again. 


Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specializing in weight management and self-help.
She can be contacted on [email protected]

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