Overnight crime spree hits George Town

Food truck robbed, eateries burglarized

A robbery and at least three burglaries were reported to police late Tuesday into early Wednesday in different areas of George Town.  

The Al La Kebab mobile food truck, Al La Kevroom, was held up by a man wielding a handgun just before midnight Tuesday. The suspect made off with a relatively small amount of money while terrorizing the two workers inside the truck, a cook and the cash register attendant.  

“[He] really got a nominal amount of money,” said Al La Kebab owner Alan Silverman. “I’m more concerned about the staff … what about the girl and the guy in the truck? The cook said he would come back to work, but I’m not sure about the girl – she was really shaken up.”  

Meanwhile, during the overnight period burglars broke into two downtown George Town eateries, Café Del Sol on Fort Street and Bread & Chocolate on Edward Street.  

The coffee house, across the street from the Legislative Assembly building, had one of its front door windows broken. By mid-morning Wednesday, dozens of tourists were gathered in the café, where the broken window was covered with a drape cloth.  

The glass doors of the vegan restaurant Bread & Chocolate were also shattered. The shop is across from the main George Town courts building. Police said the break-ins were noticed by staff members who arrived for work at their usual time Wednesday morning. It was not immediately clear what had been taken from either business.  

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service also reported a break-in at a private residence on Walkers Road during the same period.  

It was not known whether any of the incidents were related. Bread & Chocolate and Café Del Sol are within a few hundred yards of each other downtown.  

Al La Kevroom 

The mobile food truck, which has been in operation for about two years, has never been robbed before, according to Mr. Silverman.  

RCIPS officers said a man wearing all black with a mask and hood entered through the rear of the food truck, demanding cash. The vehicle was parked at its normal location during weekend nights at the intersection of Shamrock Road and Selkirk Drive. 

Neither employee inside the truck was physically hurt. No arrests were reported as of press time.  

Mr. Silverman said he has previously expressed concern about the relatively dark location the truck parks at on Selkirk Drive and said lighting at that spot could be improved. He said he would also ask the property owner if he could cut back some of the bushes in the rear of the property. 

“[The suspect] came out of the bushes at the back of the truck,” he said. “Bright light is a great deterrent to crime.”  

Mr. Silverman said that while he employs security guards on the weekends at the Selkirk Drive location, Tuesday night’s incident has now forced him to bring in security every night of the week.  

“We’re not going to let this stop us from doing business. It’s just going to increase the cost of doing business,” he said.  


Local police have had their hands full with burglaries on Grand Cayman since the start of the year, but an emphatic point was put on the problem early this month when more than a dozen homes and businesses were broken into in just more than 24 hours between July 3 and July 4. 

One woman who confronted the intruders in her home was threatened with a knife and physically assaulted, police said. 

Police are not saying if they believe the 14 burglaries, 11 of which took place in George Town, are linked.  

The increase in burglaries was cited last year, when 731 burglaries were reported in the Cayman Islands. That represents a 45 percent increase from 2012 when 502 burglaries were reported.  



  1. It would be staggering to add up the total cost of armed robberies and burglaries.

    Not the money stolen but the extra cost we all bear by way of increased prices.
    Higher insurance premiums, security guards wages, lost tourism business as people avoid this once tranquil island and more.

    And all so a few scumbags can avoid having to work for a living.

    Time to allow responsible businesses and homeowners to defend themselves properly.

    And by that I mean an armed response.

    And if a few scumbags end up dead, so what. Perhaps we can bring peace back to these beautiful islands.

  2. Two break ins or acts of vandalism right in the middle of GT and nobody noticed? What were the CCTV operators doing at the time – sleeping? How many millions did that project cost and to date what are the results?

    If this had happened where I used to live in the UK the CCTV operators would have had police units on scene in minutes.

  3. I think Government needs stronger laws in order to protect the Law abiding Citizens. Once these Scum bags are caught they know they’ll be free in a couple of months to do what they always do, Rob and destroy property in the process.

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