Mold shuts down BT family services

The office of the Children and Family Services in Bodden Town has been closed for nearly a month due to a mold problem.

Alicia Dixon, director of the Department of Children and Family Services, said management closed the offices within the Bodden Town Civic Centre on July 1 and relocated staff to Commerce House in Dr. Roy’s Drive in George Town.

The acting head of the government’s Facilities Management Department, Troy Whorms, said he would not classify the office as having a serious mold issue at this stage.

He said the problem had been caught and addressed early. “The mold issue is somewhat resolved and I am awaiting the final sample report from the Department of Environmental Health,” he said.

He added that staff from the Children and Family Services Department would not be able to move back into their office, which is located on the ground floor of the Bodden Town Civic Centre, until the final Department of Environmental Health report had been received and it was confirmed that the office was safe for employees to return.

Although three entities occupy the Bodden Town Civic Centre – the Youth Services Unit, Children and Family Services and the Cadet Corps – the mold issue is confined to the Children and Family Services’ office, which accommodates social work staff.


  1. Mold can be a terrible thing. I remember getting sick with ingesting mold in my lungs while working at the George Town public Library after Hurricane Ivan. I was very sick, vomiting and had to see emergency doctor at the George Town Hospital.
    After being so sick I was not able to work there anymore. I received no compensation from the Government for this illness, and even nine years later it still effects me. Up until a month ago I have been having conversation with Heidi Knowlton from the Ministry of education waiting on an appointment to see Mr. Winston Connolly and Ms. Tara Rivers. I wish them good health, and hope they get checked out properly, hopefully no one gets sick from this mold.

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