Turtle farm to renovate restaurant

The Cayman Turtle Farm is in the process of renovating its restaurant and storage areas. 

The Turtle Farm is inviting bids from the public to supply and install the building additions and to renovate the existing storage area. All bids should be in by Aug. 8. 

“The restaurant is becoming busier with lots more guests passing through,” said Christopher Jackson, chief infrastructure officer at the Turtle Farm. “In order to accommodate them, we need to enhance the food preparation area to be able process orders a lot faster.” 

A storage area next to Schooner’s Bar and Grill will be turned into a food preparation area, with stainless steel hardware and necessary equipment recommended by the Building Control Unit. The front porch of the restaurant will also be enclosed for additional storage, Mr. Jackson said. 

The additions will be constructed from cement and cement board. 

Since the beginning of the year, the dining area has been enclosed, and the fabric roof replaced with a solid wood roof for added shade. 

“We extended the seating area and constructed a play area for the children. We are now in the process of enhancing the prep area,” said Mr. Jackson. 

Turtle Farm office manger Kathy Jackson said 60 seats have been added to the dining area, bringing the total number of seats to 140. 

The additions are being rendered by the Farm’s project management Design Cayman.  

Mr. Jackson said the Planning Department had approved the changes. 

“Once the date is passed for bidding, interested persons will be invited to the site for a walk around, answer any questions they might have and have them sign for the package, which will include all the approved plans and necessary papers for contractors to make their proposals,” he said. 


Schooner’s Bar and Grill front porch will be renovated for additional storage space. – Photo: Jewel Levy