Teen disability awareness program wraps up

A new Stay-Focused initiative launched to raise awareness of teens with disabilities in Cayman came to a close last week.

The charity, which teaches teens to scuba dive, gave two students the chance to get their scuba certifications along with 10 other disabled students. 

“It’s the first year we’ve done it, and our intent was to get these two Caymanians certified in diving along with our first time divers so they could witness first hand what it was like to dive, while at the same time experiencing some of the challenges teens with disabilities face with getting certified in diving,” said Roger Muller, founder of Stay-Focused. 

Interns Trent Jackson and Ricardo Martinez will give a presentation to their classmates on the program at Clifton Hunter High School in February. 

“Overall, they gained appreciation for the fact that teens with disabilities are fully capable of doing whatever they could do in terms of diving, that it was really no different,” said Mr. Muller. 

Over the past three weeks, Stay-Focused certified 10 new divers with disabilities, along with two local students, and a medical doctor. Stay-Focused has certified 82 disabled teens since its inception 11 years ago. 

The charity will host various leadership and development workshops for some of its mentors and coaches this week at the Marriott Hotel. 

Disability cayman swim

Young teens about to dive in the ocean for the first time.