Coed batters will swing away soon

Coed softball will soon be making its return to the diamond.

The Cayman Islands Little League Association will launch its 2014 Fall Adult Coed Softball League on Sept. 1. A mandatory captains meeting is scheduled for Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. at the Field of Dreams clubhouse.  

There will be some changes for the upcoming campaign, which will feature 12 regular season games over eight weeks, plus double elimination playoffs.  

League coordinator Alan Markoff will have help running the competition from the association’s program and facility manager Latoya McField. Teams will be playing games more frequently and there figures to be fewer divisions within the league. 

Markoff spoke about some of the proposed new aspects. 

“I’m taking a lesser role in the running of the coed league,” he said. “I’ll still facilitate the captains meeting and I’ve agreed to put together the schedule and be a part of the rules appeal committee, but Latoya will run the other aspects of the league. 

“In order to get the season finished by the end of November, there will be an aggressive schedule whereby each team will play 12 games in eight weeks. This means that every other week, teams will play two games during the week.  

“Double headers are possible for the teams that want to play them. I’m not sure if we’ll have a D-League or not. If we can get at least three, preferably four teams for it, we will.” 

The last coed competition, the winter league, wrapped up in June. Lisbet Ebanks and the Tower Titans claimed an 11th championship in the A League by downing arch-rivals and previous two-time winners Doug Harrell and KPMG A in a two-game final. Donnie House and the Coors Light Chuggers nabbed their fifth B League title by edging Jordan Stubblefield and YMCA We Got The Runs in a two-game final. James Yonge, Monette Windsor and the UBS Swingers emerged the C League champions with a dramatic comeback win over Rob Duty, Marco Whittaker and the NCB Crushers. 

The team fee for the upcoming season is $1,250 with three daylight weekend games or $1,500 with all night games. Checks should be made payable to Cayman Islands Little League. 

lisbet ebanks aug12

Lisbet Ebanks helped the Titans to an 11th title.