Fire ignites again at landfill


It was a hot one on Sunday for fire crews as they battled the George Town Landfill’s fourth fire this year. 

While the cause of the fire was unknown, Acting Fire Chief Roy Grant said it was the strong efforts of firefighters that prevented the blaze from escalating. Crews were alerted to the fire at 11:20 a.m. 

“When we got here it was a fairly good fire, but we surrounded it and cut it off,” Mr. Grant said.  

“It had the potential to be a major, major fire, but we had it surrounded quickly.” 

Fire crews extinguished the fire with pumps located at the site that draw water directly from the ocean, 100 feet below the landfill. Assistant Director of the Department of Environmental Health’s waste management team, Dr. Maysson Sallam, said fire crews had acted quickly and extinguished the fire within two hours.  

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The fire is the second one this month and follows a serious fire in February that burned for several days. There was a minor fire at the landfill in July. 


Fire crews extinguished the landfill fire in two hours Sunday. – PHOTO: LAURA BUTTIGIEG
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  1. Caymans fire crews are certainly racking up the overtime with the GT Dump fires. You can add this to the cost of running the dump. Given the current condition of the dump as well as all the unsorted trash piled up in it, there will be no way to avoid these things from happening again and again, so we may as well get used to hearing about these fires until something is done about the dump which we all know is not going to be any time soon, in my estimate it’ll be no less the 5 or more years probably 10 which allows time for the current government to find a solution that we can’t afford and campaign on the promise of starting work right after the election. It also allows time for the next government to reinvent the wheel on the dump issues, which means all new studies, committees, consultants, travel to tour dumps in the US as well as promises, promises, promises. The only way this issue is going to get fixed is if someone other than the CIG does it for us. And no one is going to do it expecting nothing in return. I just hope that whenever it gets done it won’t be the CIG running it after woods.