Online poll: Most would stay home during a major hurricane on island

More than 60 percent of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they would stay in their home or apartment if a major hurricane was approaching the Cayman Islands. 

Of the 478 total respondents, 295 of them – 61.7 percent – said they would stay home. 

“My condo development is built well and I have a second floor, so I’d feel pretty safe even though the ocean is only 100 meters away,” said one person. “Of course, if it were a Cat 5, I might look into staying in a hurricane-resistant commercial building if I could.” 

“Probably,” said someone else. “It depends on how major, and where the rest of the family decided to go. You want to be with a group to get through a major storm.” 

“I stayed in my home during Ivan and glad I did,” said another respondent. 

“I feel my home is safe and on high ground,” commented one person. 

“Got to face it, this is where I live,” said someone else. “Why run?” 

Another large segment of respondents – 106 people or 22.2 percent – said they would fly off island if a major hurricane were approaching the Islands. 

“I stayed for Ivan and lost too much,” said one person. “The house, car and personal items were in some cases replaceable, but my marriage and mental health were not.” 

“I’d fly off island,” said someone else. “I never want to put myself or my family through the stress of Ivan ever again. But that’s a dream as I can’t afford it, so I’ll be staying at home and saying extra prayers.” 

“I’m not going through what I did in Ivan,” said another person. 

“The island is too susceptible to high waves,” commented another respondent.  

Twenty-nine people – 5.9 percent – said they’d stay with friends. 

“Thank you for encouraging people to think about this in advance of the need,” said one person. 

Another 28 people – 5.6 percent – said they’d take shelter at their workplace. 

“As an emergency worker, I’d stay/shelter at my place of work,” commented a respondent. 

Only 12 people – 2.5 percent – said they would go to a government hurricane shelter and 10 people – 2.1 percent – responded “other” to the question. 

“Stay with family,” said one person. “Head to the Brac,” said someone else. 

“Follow the advice given – whether to stay home, leave or seek shelter,” said another respondent. “This question is too open-ended!” 

“I am not sure,” said someone else. 

Next week’s poll question: 

What do you think is the biggest issue currently facing the Cayman Islands?  

  1. The economy and cost of living  
  2. Crime and punishment 
  3. Immigration policies and Caymanian-expat relations 
  4. Politics and politicians 
  5. UK/International pressures  
  6. Other [write in comments] 

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