Sports brawl gets out of hand

Police were called to the Field of Dreams on Monday night to respond to a report of a fight that erupted at an adult coed softball game.

An argument between two teams apparently turned ugly as a dispute escalated in a brawl, according to witnesses.

The clash happened towards the end of a 2014 Fall Adult Coed Softball League contest between teams representing an accounting firm and a solar energy company.

The dispute arose from differing opinions on the time allotted for the game and what was deemed to be the final out. Verbal jabs turned into a physical fight among the players, as well as one spectator, the mother of one of the players.

At press time, police officials had not responded to inquiries about the incident, but according to witnesses, there were no injuries or arrests.

The Cayman Islands Little League Association owns the Field of Dreams and organizes league matches.

The association issued a statement Wednesday about the incident, which read: “The board of Cayman Islands Little League Association is investigating an altercation that took place Oct. 6 at the Field of Dreams in conjunction with a game in the adult coed league. Police were called and quickly responded. There were no arrests made nor medical attention sought.

“The association’s adult coed program has been running for 15 years and several hundred games take place annually. This is the first time that the board is aware that the police have had to respond to an on-the-field altercation.

“Cayman Little League’s Field of Dreams is a privately owned facility that is governed by the association, which will take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all participants using the facility.”

In response to the incident, the association postponed its annual general meeting, which had been scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 8, at the field. Among other things, a new association board was expected to be decided at the meeting and current projects were tabled for discussion.

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