Power is cut at eviction site

Families living on a property in George Town who have been served eviction notices were left without power Wednesday when the electricity was cut off.

Soon afterwards, a generator at the site kicked in and power to at least one of the homes returned. The sudden loss of power did not deter some of the residents from their insistence that they would not move, although the children and sister of missing woman Anna Evans, who live on the premises, were getting ready to relocate on Wednesday.

Gathered under a cabana at the site on Shedden Road, opposite Archie’s Bar, with other family members, Lucy Ebanks, the mother of the missing landfill worker, said she had no intention of leaving. “I said it before and I am saying it again, I am not moving. They have to do what they have to do,” she said.

On Tuesday, court bailiffs placed padlocks and posted possession orders on Ms. Ebanks’s home, where the Evans family were living, as well as on the home of Anthony Scott. Mr. Scott said he also will not leave.

The eviction and possession orders were issued after landowner Kent Rankin moved to possess his property. Residents living at the site dispute his right to the land and are refusing to move.

The other occupants had been given until Wednesday, Oct. 15, to vacate the premises.

“I know the power will not be reconnected again by CUC because the property is in Kent Rankin’s name so the children will have to use candles and [carry] back water by bucket,” said Mr. Scott.

He said he was prepared to continue living in his house without CUC power. “We roughed it with Hurricane Ivan for three months … we will have to get used to it. I know people in Jamaica who have never had electric power in their lives, and in Honduras the power goes out for hours every day, so we will have to just use ice coolers and candles … we have propane stove so we will be able to eat.”
Noreen Dixon, Ms. Evans’s sister and caretaker of her children, said she was told by CUC that the landowner had instructed the utilities company to terminate power to the buildings.

“They turned off the lights from their offices and did not say anything to anyone living here. After that, a CUC worker came and took out the two meters and left with them,” said Ms. Dixon.

According to Ms. Dixon, she received a call Wednesday from Children and Family Services department to sign papers for a rental home in Bodden Town that she has secured for her and the children. Her mother, Ms. Ebanks, insists she won’t be going with them. “I asked my mother if she wanted to come along but she said she’s not leaving, so there is nothing more I can do,” said Ms. Dixon.

Ms. Evans disappeared on Jan. 27, 2011. The Department of Environmental Health worker was last seen at her workplace at the George Town Landfill.


  1. What a shame!!!!!Barbaric approach in a so called civilized country. It would have been illegal elsewhere.They have children. Society that treats its own children this way is lost. FIND them a house! Cayman kind? SHOW your kindness to your own people. They obviously need your help. You participate in useless fund raisers where money just disspear in someone’s pockets, but refuse to help real people with children in your own country.

  2. This is going to set a precedent that other landlords and land Owners as well as tenants will take notice of. I certainly would never buy a property that’s currently occupied with tenants, when they can just refuse to leave and the court orders aren’t enforced year after year. Something like this can cause a person to go bankrupt while tenants live for free.

  3. Would this have happened under McKeva Bush Government? NO. Absolutely NO. He would have found some place permanent to put Anna children. Being put in a rented house is not enough for what took place with their mother. Why can’t they be given one of the Government houses that are locked up. We are not looking after our people; beside the little Nation Building fund that was started by Mr. Bush was closed down; and for what?, just because moneys were given to assist churches. That is our business. I am quite sure Mr. Bush is sorry that he gave certain persons Cayman Status, because those are the same expat Caymanians along with some Representatives who are against him because they cannot control him. I would suggest that a change of thought is exercised because things are not well and trust me they will get worse before they get better.

  4. Let’s all disregard the system and then cry to the government to fix the problem. No responsibility shall we take, no sense of pride or self respect. Let’s suck from the system at all cost. Wake up. We fools are paying for all those who can provide on their own and won’t. That’s the crime. The authorities need to do what they must to maintain law and order.

  5. Lucia, I understand your emotional response to this and I also feel disheartened for them but what is the property owner supposed to do ? CUC bills are expensive as hell and they have been living there illegally for years ignoring court orders to vacate. Should he be forced to continue to pay for them to live there because they have children ? How would you feel if you owned a property and a family with children lived their and stopped paying you and the CUC bill was coming to you, would you just allow them to stay bankrupting yourself and making it hard to feed your own family, or would you want the gone? I find it really hard to believe that in all these years that no other arrangements could be made. By the way, what happen to their mothers death Benefits, surely they were or should have been compensated in some way with the great benefits that CIG employees get.

    Also, Has anyone noticed that there hasn’t been a peep out of any of the MLA’s or politicians that are usually so quick to put their face on issues that will benefit their political careers. They want no part of this because they know that eventually they will have to be removed which will not be pretty for their political image.

  6. Twyla, Let’s not make this a marketing campaign for Mr. Bush…Personal, I think he would have been just a Mum as the rest are now. There’s nothing keeping him from trying to help now if he wanted too or felt he could. This is a matter of law not politics.

  7. Michael that may be what you are thinking, but just respect mine too.
    Mr Bush will not need what you are suggesting just in case you do no know.
    However of course you would not want to hear me say that Mr Bush must be sorry he gave away status to some ungrateful wretches who has turned around and bit him on the ass. You are not talking to any fool Michael, I know what is going on in this Country and I split Justice.

  8. Twyla, I do respect your opinion, and I don’t think for a moment that you’re a fool, never doubt that..I was just making an observation. And my observations are that most if not all politicians only get involved in situations that they can benefit from politically. The reason I brought it up was because you said it would not have happened if he were premier. You may be right but I don’t really think any politician would touch this with a 10 foot pole.

    You are obviously an avid Bush supporter and I respect that. But I don’t see how this situation would have been any different. but we’ll never know since he’s not. Maybe in 2017, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him on that side of the table again..

    There is one thing I’m hoping you could offer more information and that is your comments about how he gave away status to some ungrateful wretches who has turned around and bit him on the ass. Are these other politicians you’re referring to or citizens ?

  9. I guess those 90 (thumbs down)know something I don’t get from the article. I see living breathing human beings suffering. What do you see? The situation should have never escalated to this point. One can justify pretty much everything. What is next? What kind of force are you going to use to physically evict them?

  10. Lucia, People are evicted from there homes on a daily basis all over the world for a multitude of reasons from non payment of rent to the property being sold. And this includes families with children. Is this something that doesn’t not happen in Cayman? I would really like to hear what you would suggest happen in a case like this ? Does the property owner have any right ?

  11. Did I miss their side of the story? Innocent people convicted of crimes all the time on a daily basis all over the world. There seem to be more to the story.
    Just watch The Hunt (2012) Jagten (original title)to see how easily one can be outcasted by judgmental society that includes friends and family.

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