Ebola protocols no inconvenience, Tourism Minister says

Visitors asked to fill out forms

Cayman’s screening process and safety protocols to prevent the Ebola virus from reaching the island do not unduly inconvenience visitors, Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said. 

There is a ban on anyone who has visited the affected region of West Africa from entering the country, while visitors are being asked to fill out forms with their travel history, and customs and immigration officers are on the lookout for anyone who appears to be ill.  

A visitor from New York was taken to George Town Hospital from a residence in East End this week by medics in protective suits after she reported suffering from some symptoms, prompting a brief, unfounded Ebola scare. It was quickly established that the woman was suffering from stomach flu, but ministers say the precautionary action was necessary.  

Mr. Kirkconnell said, “The Cayman Islands remains on alert with respect to the Ebola virus which means that possible threats are taken seriously. Precautionary measures have been put in place in the interest of public safety and the only way they can be effective is if they are followed.” 

He said tourists understood the need for caution. 

“From a visitor’s perspective, due to the level of media coverage and passenger screening taking place around the world, I would expect that the vast majority of visitors are familiar with Ebola response protocols, and trust they would be reassured to know that the Cayman Islands is ready and able to take appropriate action when symptoms are reported.”  

Health Minister Osbourne Bodden said travel history is an important factor in deciding what protocols to follow. 

Regarding Monday’s incident, he commended Emergency Medical Services team “for their swift and professional handling of this report.” 


Mr. Kirkconnell

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