Some Evans family members still looking for homes

Although the children of missing landfill worker Anna Evans and their caretaker have found accommodations through the Department of Children and Family Services, several other family members are searching for a place to live after their homes on Shedden Road were demolished on Wednesday. 

Four people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and criminal trespass after police said they refused to leave the property following the issuance of a court order that allowed property owner Kent “Biggie” Rankin to take possession of the land.  

Noreen Dixon, Ms. Evans’s sister and caretaker of her children, who wept during Wednesday’s arrests and demolition, said no justice has been done for Ms. Evans’s children or family members on the property. However, Ms. Dixon did note the government Department of Children and Family Services secured a place for herself and Anna’s children in the government affordable housing development in Bodden Town.  

National Housing Trust General Manager Julio Ramos confirmed that the Housing Trust had provided accommodations assistance to the dependants of Ms. Evans through the Children and Family Services. 

Other family members are still looking. 

Anthony Scott, a family member arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and trespass, said he was kept in custody until everything was over.  

“I got out of lockup after 6 p.m.” Mr. Scott said. “When I was leaving, they told me when I get back, there was no place to live. I asked where was my stuff and they said my wife removed some things and the rest was placed in a container on the property.” 

Mr. Scott spent the night in a hotel room with his family. He said he will be fighting the decision to tear down his home without a demolition order. On Thursday, Mr. Scott spent the day sorting through his belongings that had been placed in a container by police. 

Lucy Ebanks, also arrested Wednesday, was said to be living with her daughter. The Cayman Compass did not know the whereabouts of other residents of the Shedden Road property.  

More than 20 people from six different families, including the five children of Ms. Evans, had been living in the homes that were demolished Wednesday. 

Nearly four years have passed since Ms. Evans’s disappeared during her work shift at the George Town landfill on Jan. 27, 2011. 


Anna Evans’s sister Noreen Dixon, right, speaks with Kenneth Byran, political adviser to Premier Alden McLaughlin, as other Evans family members look on. – PHOTO: Jewel Levy


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